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Thank you so much for all your help Alana. We found the classes very informative and everyone was happy to stay a little longer if we had more questions which was greatly appreciated. The classes defintely succeeded in calming our nerves and Frank throughly enjoyed himself! THANK YOU!!S

Sarah & Lachlan Jackson with Frank

Extremely friendly approch by Alana-she obviously loves her work! Highly recommended.

Linda Steel with Trixie

I feel the knowledge of Alana was great and she had a fantastic nature with all the pups.

Liz Hill with Maylee

I think it is a great idea that the Puppy Pre-School in connected to a pet supplies so that we could discuss/receive assistance with relevant products. I found the course very valuable given that my puppy is the first puppy I have owned.

Robyn Freer with Benson

Great fun for both puppies and owners with informative and practical class content. Very useful for everyday situations at home and out. Bailey went from a shy puppy 1st week to a happy playful one at class 4 who could sit, stay, drop, come, roll over and shake paws oh and bow. Great follow up service.

Michelle with Bailey

Puppy School was ideal to assist our children in training our new puppy.

Linden, Letecia, Noah & Joshua Jackson with Scout

Thank you very much for the expertise and professionlism shown at puppy school. We learnt a lot and Archie throughly enjoyed it.

Kellie & Andy with Archie

A great introduction for anyone with a new puppy. Staff are very happy to assist.

Jock & Rachel McRoe with Joey

Great information and certainly all relevant. Great for socialisation. Love the little gifts too, well done!!!

Diana McNaughton with Ruby

Thank you Petorium Puppy Pre-School, Alana & Carmen were both very knowledgable and approachable. We learnt lots from sleeping to toilet training. I would recommend Petorium Puppy Pre-School to all new puppy owners.

Carly & Donna Smith with Max

I throughly enjoyed participating with my dog in Puppy Pre-School. Alana was very thorough, friendly and welcoming. Bree had a ball and learnt how to behave and a few tricks. I would recommend puppy pre-school to any new puppy owners!

Kathy Willey with Bree

Thank you very much, the 4 weeks was fantastic with great ongoing support too.

Archie Kirby owners James & Claire Kirby

A little bit difficult to find, but worth it when you do! Great variety of pet needs and a grooming salon right next door. They clip dogs nails for free!

 I went here to get supplies for 2 bunnies I had bought my kids for Xmas! A great range and friendly advice! Worth going to, I will be back!

Great friendly service, this was my puppy's first time and he came out happy, smelling fresh and with a pretty bow on his collar! Will definately go back as this service was affordable, professional and close to home. Thanks Alana

Dear Michelle & Alana,
I would like to thank you so much for allowing Toby & his carer Sharyn to visit you not only today but every Wednesday after he finishes his programme across the road. Your kindness & patience with him is much appreciated as he does love coming to see you.
Terry Mulcahy

My name is Sunny, I would like to thank Petorium for giving me puppy school. I had a lot of fun playing with the other kids, Nando, Diesel and Ozzy. We were taught how to behave well; the teachers were very gentle and caring.My human servants also learned a lot about my upkeep and wellbeing. They would recommend Petorium Puppy School to all puppy owners.

Sunny McNamara owners Peter & Jen McNamara

A fun course for the pups and a great learning enviroment. A chance to share concerns that you are having and then to recieve reasurrance and support. Meeting nice people and nice dogs on a Saturday morning-what a great start to the weekend!

Sue Bond with Dudley

Great classes for puppies to mix at a young age. Gemma is more comfortable with other puppies now thanks to Petorium Puppy Pre-School classes.

The Harris Family with Gemma

I found each class very helpful and rewarding. The instructors were fantastic and always willing to give that extra bit of advice when needed. I am extremely glad this class was recommended to me and I am certain Oscar is going to be much better off now beacuse of it. Thank you

Melissa Hemer with Oscar

Thank you for your time spent with Chloe and helping her with her solicitation skills, she has come a long way since we first started this course.

Paul Jones with Chloe

Absolutely fantastic course, informal yet informative. Lots of great ideas and suggestions.

Fiona Urwin with Diesel

Petorium’s Puppy Pre-school classes were beneficial to both my puppy and her family. Our puppy became aware of puppy socialising and we her family learnt valuable training techniques. A credit to Alana and her puppy school.

Sally Jinks with Maddie

The improvement in Robbie’s behaviour and assistants in training in just 4 weeks was a great help. I would defiantly recommend anyone with a puppy to attend these classes as they were a great help.

Gary Barnett with Robbie

I have had dogs for a large part of my life, and have obedience trained dogs in the past, but I have found Petorium  Puppy Pre-school absolutely invaluable as it has given me a wealth of information about puppies, and training, and how to best set them up as a well adjusted and happy family member from the very start. I would recommend anyone who is getting a new puppy to book in to Petorium Puppy Pre-school to get the best start possible for their puppy. Our Puppy Darcy has learned to sit on command and to be comfortable on her lead when walking and when tied up. She can come when called and sit in front of me... She loves the playtime with the other pups and has grown more confident with each week of classes. I have learned about rewarding appropriately and using rewards to teach the preferred behaviour and also about avoiding failures so that the pup does not inadvertently learn from mistakes.  Darcy definitely benefitted by having the opportunity to socialise with the other puppies.

Lyn Tolson with Darcy

Alana, thank you very much for the wonderful puppy classes that you organised.  They were very enjoyable and informative.  It was also very apparent that you loved your job and that made it very relaxing and fun.

Melissa Garlick with Chloe

We feel our puppy benefited greatly from these classes. As owners it was great for us too as we are first time owners. We would recommend Petorium Puppy pre-school classes to all puppy owners. Petorium Puppy School was lots of fun for puppies and owners. The staff was very welcoming and informative. Petorium puppy school was helpful for our family to learn skills together. Our children benefitted greatly....probably more than the puppy!!!

The Marshall Family with Harley

We have attended puppy school with our 9 week old lab ‘ROSIE’. We attended with our 3 boys and found it to be very informative and really good fun. Thanks heaps

The Van Der Horst Family with Rosie