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Manicured Muttz

Manicured Muttz @ Petorium is operated by Alana Walsh who is a qualified veterinary nurse and has worked in general practice and emergency care. Manicured Muttz assures you that your pet will receive quality cosmetic care and humane, loving treatment and that your pet groomer is reputable and committed to meeting your high standards. Manicured Muttz focuses on animal welfare, customer satisfaction and best practices to ensure its clients are confident in dealing with our staff.

At Manicured Muttz the aim is to develop a life-long relationship with you and your pet by providing a friendly, professional and compassionate service. We take a genuine interest in the general health of animals and will report any concerns to the owners. Manicured Muttz operates from Mornington but clients come from all over the Mornington Peninsula area to experience the high quality and professional service offered by our staff.

Manicured Muttz works a little bit different to most groomer. We DO NOT cage dry or sedate your pets. We have nice big dog runs so your pet enjoys there stay with us in a nice open area. Your pet will always get one on one treatment, we allocate times to every pet. So rather than your pet being here for a long period of time they will only be here for the amount of time that it takes to groom them. If longer stays are required due to work etc this is by all means is welcome.

Clients choose Manicured Muttz because they want the best for their dogs! Your dog deserves the best!  Contact us and make your appointment to have your pet pampered!

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