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Eukanuba Senior Medium Breed 15kg

Eukanuba Canine Senior Medium Breed

Nutrition Supported by Research Every bag of Eukanuba® Senior Maintenance Formula is supported by extensive research to understand the nutritional needs of aging dogs. Senior-specific insights from our team of geriatric specialists result in groundbreaking nutrition that’s like no other senior dog food. To Maintain Optimal Health Eukanuba Senior Maintenance Formula is a nutritional breakthrough for senior dogs. It provides an optimal balance of appropriate protein, fat, calories, vitamins, and minerals for the aging dogs. Protein and Fat As dogs age, they typically need fewer calories from fat, but protein is critical to their diet to ensure the proper maintenance of muscle tissue. Reducing protein at the same rate that fat is reduced can result in deterioration of muscle mass needed for vitality throughout the senior years. Eukanuba Senior Maintenance Formula supports muscle mass with precise levels of high-quality chicken protein Scientifically Formulated for a Senior Dog’s Special Needs Developed for the senior digestive system, Eukanuba Senior Maintenance Formula contains our exclusive formulation of fiber (beet pulp and fructooligosaccharides) to nutritionally stabilize the senior dog’s digestive system and support a healthy intestinal environment. The Antioxidant Advantage

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