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Eukanuba Adult Small Breed 7.5kg

Eukanuba Canine Adult Small Breed 7.5kg

What Is Moderate Activity Level? If your dog receives most of his exercise through jumping and playing with you or your family, or taking daily walks, this would be considered a moderate activity level. If you think your small breed dog's activity level is moderate, feed Eukanuba® Adult Maintenance Small Breed Formula. For some dogs, less is definitely more. Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Small Breed Formula contains the right calorie level for a normally active small breed adult dog with a kibble-size suitable for a small mouth. It contains all the nutrition found in our Adult Maintenance Formula. The only difference is, it's all contained in a small size kibble. Maintaining the Nutritional Balance Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Formulas are formulated to support the long-term health and well-being of normally active dogs. They replenish the nutrients and energy that your dog uses every day, while providing your dog with a 100% complete and balanced diet in small, easy-to-chew kibbles. all Adult Maintenance formulas have a naturally great taste from real chicken as the first ingredient. The precise balance of protein, fat, moderately fermentable fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals provides optimal nutrition to support and enhance your dog's life.

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