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Lickables Porky Chews 100g

Lickables Porky Chews 100g

Lickables are dehydrated treats packed full of flavour and nutrition.

Dehydration through refrigeration locks in all the nutritional benefits of fresh meat unlike dried, smoked or cooked treats.  There is no doubt that fresh, raw meat is the most nutritious diet for animals, and Lickables are the perfect treat to complement this, as the treats are raw, with just the moisture removed.

Fresh, raw meat offers dogs plenty of nutrition, which is reduced when treats are cooked, dried or smoked. Dehydration locks in all of the nutrition, so dogs can enjoy a treat that tastes great and is also healthy for them.

Proteins are especially vulnerable to heat and become damaged when cooked. Altered proteins may contribute to food intolerance, food allergies and inflammatory bowel disease.

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